Norway’s national eProcurement portal
- a project overview

In July 2005 Millstream were awarded a 5 year contract by the Norwegian Ministry of Government Administration and Reform (Fornyings-og administrasjonsdepartementet) to provide a new procurement portal. In 2010 this contract was extended for a further two years. went live in December 2005.The new portal published notices for contracts with a value greater than the EU regulatory mandatory threshold. However it also published those in the band below the threshold and above 500,000 Kroner (approx £42,000), which must also be published online to comply with Norwegian law.

The use of Millstream’s portal enabled Norwegian public bodies to make the pre-qualification and tender documents available online for download by interested suppliers. This download facility not only saved administration time, but also allowed the deadlines for completion of the bid documents to be shortened by up to 12 days.

Norwegian is not an official language of the European Union, but as a member of the European Economic Area Norway is required to publish tender notices in the Official Journal. So in addition to the normal publication process Millstream also translated all of the Official Journal notices into English before sending them to Luxembourg for publication.

After 8 years, in November 2013, the Norway contract came to an end. However, due to the overwhelming success of mytenders in the UK, mytenders Ireland and the national Norwegian portal, Millstream decided to develop their very own system operated in-house aptly named mytenders Norge. mytenders Norge will now act as a central facility for all public sector contracting authorities to advertise procurement opportunities and award notices.

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Portal Statistics

  • 7,900 purchasers representing over 3,400 Public Authorities
  • 48,500 active suppliers
  • Average of 460 OJEU notices published per month
  • Average of 710 below threshold notices published per month
  • 99% of Norway’s Official Journal notices are published through Doffin.
"It is clearly cost-efficient, and justifies our use of third party professional providers for these kinds of operations, instead of developing them internally."

Andre Hoddevik, Project Manager - Norway