Scotland’s national eProcurement portal
- a project overview

In 2006 John McClelland CBE published his report Review of Public Procurement in Scotland and called for a single public sector “electronic portal” to help resolve a number of issues which he found. A competitive tendering exercise was undertaken to find a suitable supplier with Millstream being awarded a 5 year contract to provide

Working closely with the Scottish Procurement Directorate, Millstream have built upon the existing functionality used on their portals to provide a solution to:

  • Have all Scottish public sector opportunities advertised in one location (those OJEU notices that are not processed through PCS are uploaded to the portal).
  • Allow authorities to conduct request for quotation exercises for low value procurements (”Quick Quotes”).
  • Transfer data on contract awards to the Scottish Government’s external procurement hub.
  • Sub-contract notices.

Sub-contract notices

The sub-contract notice facility allows prime contractors on public contracts to advertise their sub-contract opportunities on the portal. The sub-contract notice facility has two main benefits:

  1. It provides opportunities to suppliers who may not be in a position to bid for the main public contract but who are capable of delivering works, products or services to the project.
  2. It provides the prime contractor with an opportunity to establish their supply chain in a competitive environment.

Public Contracts Scotland also provides a procurement app. A world first enabling users to access information on their iPhone or iPad.

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Portal Statistics

  • 5,700 authority users representing 920 authorities
  • 63,000 active suppliers
  • Average of 210 OJEU notices published per month
  • Average of 275 below threshold notices published per month
  • Average of 740 quick quote exercises carried out each month
"It is one of the most fantastic tools I’ve ever seen. I am delighted with the performance of Public Contracts Scotland and I look forward to that having a further effect on the way that the market operates in years to come."

John Swinney, MSP