Supplier and Purchaser Procurement Training

The Millstream training team provide public sector procurement training to both suppliers and purchasers. Our training is provided either by way of scheduled training courses or, if preferred, through in-house courses tailored to match your needs. Our trainers are business development experts and public sector procurement professionals who have an extensive knowledge of the entire procurement process and are therefore perfectly placed to guide you through the tendering process.

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Supplier Training Courses

Our training team deliver practical training courses that are designed to support you through the different stages of the tendering process.

Getting to the ITT

This course is ideal if you are new to the public sector procurement process, are looking to start bidding for public sector contracts.

Writing Compelling Bids

This course focuses on what you need to do to write winning tenders and provides you with the skills to manage the bid process from start to finish.

Advanced Bid Writing Skills

This course is perfect for individuals who are comfortable with the tendering process and are looking to improve on their current skills.

Bid Strategy and Management

This course will support public sector suppliers to develop a coherent approach to identifying and selecting tenders they are most likely to win. It will also help you to manage the tendering process to help you align your resources and writing winning bids with less stress.

Introduction to Public Sector Tendering

This webinar will help you gain an understanding of the public sector tendering process and practices in the UK including:

Finding and Winning Low Value Tenders

Low value tenders can prove to be a great business development tool for public sector suppliers. However, as low value tenders do not have to adhere to the full raft of procurement regulations the challenge with them is knowing where to find them and how to win them. This webinar will provide you with:

Social Value in Tenders

Social Value has been part of procurement legislation since 2013 yet it is just starting to filter down into tender documents on a regular basis - sometimes accounting for up to 20% of the total evaluation. But what is it? How is it appearing the tender documents? And, more importantly, how can you prepare for it? If you are totally in the dark or have answered some social value questions but would like a firmer understanding of the topic then join us on this 45 minute webinar which will provide you with:

Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems

The use of frameworks and dynamic purchasing systems (DPS) is on the rise. They cut through a significant amount of work for procurement teams and simplify the tendering process for suppliers. However, a lot of suppliers are not sure what a framework or DPS is, how they operate and what work needs to be done once you are on them. Our 45 minute webinar provides:

Business Development for Tenders

Do you want to get ahead of the game and feel like you have more control over your tendering activities rather than fire-fighting all the time? You are not alone! The majority of suppliers we speak to are in the rut of reactive tendering, responding to contract notices as and when they appear and hoping for the best. This will garner some success but the ultimate aim for any bid writer or bid team is so get ahead of the curve and be able to tender proactively – knowing in advance when a bid is due out and doing essential business development work before it goes to tender.

Brexit Update

Join us for this webinar the week after we officially leave the European Union and find out what impact it has had on public sector procurement and tendering.

Buyer Training Courses

These are currently provided in-house and cover the entire procurement process with topics from procurement strategy development through to specification writing, contract law, bid evaluation, contract negotiation, developing supplier relationships, contract management and so on. Our public sector trainers have all spent much of their careers in public sector procurement in many different roles and have expertise in various sectors including local authorities, the NHS, defence and construction.

"Thorough, clear, interesting. Good to have trainers from both the private and public sectors to give the perspective from both sides."

Jane Woodall - Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council